Questions about Hearing Tests we frequently get asked...

Hearing Assessment – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book a hearing test?
A. To book a free hearing test with UK Hearing Care, call 0170 432 0137.

Q. How much does a hearing test cost?
A. Hearing tests at UK Hearing care are free of charge with no-obligation.

Q. How long does a hearing test take?
A. The hearing test appointment will take approximately 1 hour, but might require more time depending on the questions you may have for audiologist.

Q. Where do I have my hearing test?
A. We can visit you at home, or you can visit one of our many high street hearing assessment facilities across the UK.

Q. Who carries out my hearing test?
A. A qualified audiologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council will carry out your test. If your test is at home, they will show you identification.

Q. What will happen during my hearing test?
A. During the hearing test the audiologist will go through the following:
• The options available for hearing aid provision
• Take your full case history
• Carry out an examination of your ears
• Conduct an audiometry assessment, testing your hearing abilities
• Carry out a word recognition test
• An ANL test (Acceptable Noise Level) where appropriate
• Where appropriate a Quick-SIN (Speech In Noise Test)
• A COSI (Client Oriented Scale of Improvement) assessment
• A full demonstration of any recommended hearing system

Q. What will happen at the end of the hearing test?
A. After the audiologist has carried out the hearing assessment they will give you a full explanation of the results to ensure you fully understand the nature of your hearing difficulties and how they are affecting you. They will then advise you as to and what your options are and what tailored hearing solution will assist with your individual hearing difficulties. If you would like, as part of the consultation we can give you a demonstration of your ideal hearing solution, so you can find out what difference this would make to your hearing.

To book a FREE Hearing Test or for more information…
Freephone: 0170 432 0137