Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens is the world’s largest maker of hearing systems and offers the most innovative instruments.

Depending on the type and degree of hearing loss and the individual demands and needs of the wearer, patients with hearing difficulties will find the best solution for their situation. More than 130 years of experience, coupled with the Siemens brand name, vouch for the best quality.

There was a change of control at Siemens in January 15th, 2015. The new owners Sivantos are comprised of anchor investor EQT with Strüngmann family and Siemens as co-investors. The new group name is Sivantos.

Sivantos Group is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG, and will continue to develop, market and sell hearing aids under the brand Siemens.

Sivantos Group has several key hearing aid brands in its portfolio, including Siemens, Audio Service and Rexton. As a trademark licensee of Siemens AG, Sivantos Group will continue to develop, market and sell hearing products under the Siemens brand over the medium term.

Sivantos Group employs about 5,000 people in more than 20 countries. The Sivantos affiliates in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe are part of the group, as are US retailer HearUSA, Audio Service, the specialist for customised solutions, and audibene, the largest internet hearing care multi-vendor platform in Europe.

Being an independent hearing aid specialist, UK Hearing Care are able to offer competitive prices on a wide range of styles and only prescribe the latest technologies from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. At UK Hearing Care, within a chosen technology we charge the same whether it fits behind your ear or right inside your ear canal. Our pricing is simple too, we have 6 price bands and all makes and models within each band cost EXACTLY the same!

This means we recommend the best product for you needs regardless of make, model or style.

Depending on your lifestyle and your personal hearing requirements, all Siemens hearing aids fit within one of our price bands; You, Home, Friends & Family, Social and Active.

Please contact our customer care team on 0170 432 0137 if you require a quotation for a specific hearing aid.

Remember UK Hearing Care ONLY dispense the latest products from each manufacturer, we NEVER use older technology.

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