Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak are a Swiss manufacturer who are part of the Sonova Group. Sonova also own the hearing aid manufacturer Unitron. Their UK head office can be found in Warrington, Cheshire. As of 2012, the Sonova Group took full ownership of David Ormerod Hearing centres, which in turn, own Boots Hearing Care. Therefore, there is a strong likelihood that if you’ve been to Boots, you’ve been recommended Phonak Hearing aids.

Phonak rank within the top 3 hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Their technology is arguably the best in the world and their product design is innovative. They have been in business for over 50 years and are represented in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In 2010, Phonak upgraded their whole product range to incorporate a much faster microchip (called Spice). This new computer chip was reputedly twice as fast as their previous one, but unfortunately the setup did not deliver on its promise and Phonak were forced to upgrade the chip sooner than normal to the current Quest Platform. The Quest platform was introduced in 2013. The older Spice platform can be recognised by the letter ‘S’ (for example Audeo S9) and the Quest platform can be recognised by the letter ‘Q’ (for example Audeo Q90). The newer and much better Venture platform has now been introduced, they are identified by the letter V (for example Audeo V90).

Being an independent hearing aid specialist, UK Hearing Care are able to offer competitive prices on a wide range of styles and only prescribe the latest technologies from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. At UK Hearing Care, within a chosen technology we charge the same whether it fits behind your ear or right inside your ear canal. Our pricing is simple too, we have 6 price bands and all makes and models within each band cost EXACTLY the same!

This means we recommend the best product for you needs regardless of make, model or style.

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Remember UK Hearing Care ONLY dispense the latest products from each manufacturer, we NEVER use older technology.

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