Hearing Aid Price Bands

Being an independent hearing aid specialist we are able to offer competitive prices on the latest hearing aid technologies, from the leading hearing aid manufacturers, including; Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, Unitron, Starkey, Oticon and Widex.

Depending on your lifestyle and your personal hearing requirements, all hearing aids fit within the price bands below.

Aimed at the quietest of lifestyles. Ideally suited to quieter environments such as 1-to-1 conversations, talking on the telephone and watching television.

Aimed at more independent living but with limited exposure to complex listening environments. Ideally suited for listening in small groups, coffee mornings, church, theatre and shopping.

Aimed at the more active independent person, this level of technology typically has some form of noise control and directional setting. Ideal for use in all the home environments but also for when there are competing sounds such as walking outdoors, coffee shops, small groups, supermarkets and friends/family gatherings.

Aimed at the socially active independent person, or someone who finds themselves in more complex environments regularly. This level of technology typically has advanced noise control, automatic adaptive features and wireless capabilities. For effective use around the home, watching television, 1-to-1 conversation, outdoors, coffee shops, small groups, supermarkets, friends/family gatherings, larger groups, restaurants, business meetings.

Aimed at the most socially active and demanding person. This level of technology typically has the most advanced noise control, fully automatic features, wireless capabilities and is suitable for use ALL environments, 1-to-1 through to the most demanding cocktail party.

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