Questions about Hearing Aids we frequently get asked...

Q. What are the benefits of choosing UK Hearing Care rather than the NHS?
A. With UK Hearing Care you’ll enjoy greater choice, more sophisticated technology, shorter waiting times, superior after-sales service and excellent value.

Q. How much does a hearing aid cost?
A. If you would like to purchase a private hearing aid from UK Hearing Care the cost will vary according to your individual needs, tastes and budget. The cost of hearing aid is generally between £395 and £1745. Hearing aids from UK Hearing Care are up to 50% less than high street prices.

Q. What style of hearing aids are available?
UK Hearing Care offer all styles of hearing aids from all manufacturers depending on your requirements. They include the following:
• IIC – Invisible in Canal
• CIC – Completely in the Canal
• ITC – In the Canal
• ITE – In the Ear
• RIC – Receiver in Canal
• BTE – Behind the Ear

Q. Where can I buy new batteries and accessories for my hearing aids?
A. Just call our customer service team on 0170 432 0137 when you need new batteries or accessories.

Q. What if my hearing aids do not deliver as promised?
A. You may take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee if the hearing system does not perform as agreed in your consultation.

Q. What do I do if my hearing aid is faulty?
A. Simply call our customer service team on 0170 432 0137 if you have any problems with your hearing aid. We’ll ensure you get it back to full working order as soon as possible.

Q. How do I look after my hearing aid?
A. Your audiologist will help you with servicing and maintaining your hearing aid. You’ll enjoy free aftercare for the lifetime of your hearing aid, including adjustments, software updates and reprogramming should your hearing needs change over time.

Q. Will my hearing aid come with a warranty?
A. All hearing aids sold by UK Hearing Care have a 24-month warranty to cover you if there is a fault. The warranty doesn’t cover physical damage or tampering, but extended care plans are available.

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